NOLAsynchroniCITY Film Series

* The NOLAsynchroniCITY film series features the extraordinary culture of New Orleans and our Louisiana heritage.
* The films will be shown twice at 8pm and 10pm on Sunday nights at Buffa's.
* The creators will be available for questions in between film showings.
* The series is offered free and open to the public.


December 2012

Piano Players Rarely Ever Play Together2   Piano Players Rarely Ever Play Together
     by Stephenson Palfi

Fauborg Treme9   Faubourg Treme - The Untold Story of Black New Orleans
     by Lolis Elie and Dawn Logsdon

Flood Streets16  Flood Streets
     by Helen Krieger and Joseph Meissner


January 2013

Dirty Rice13  Dirty Rice
     by Pat Mire

The Big Uneasy20  Big Uneasy
     by Harry Shearer

American Creole27  American Creole
     by Glen Pitre and Michelle Benoit


February 2013

All On a Mardi Gras Day10  All on a Mardi Gras Day
     by Royce Osborn

Tootie's Last Suit17  Tootie's Last Suit
     by Lisa Katzman


March 2013

Always for PleasureAlways for Pleasure
     by Les Blank

Always for Pleasure10  Bury The Hatchet
     by Aaron Walker

17  NOLAsynchroniCITY REWIND
    6:00pm     Irish New Orleans by Terri Landry
    6:30pm     Dirty Rice by Pat Mire website
    8:00pm     Big Uneasy by Harry Shearer website
    9:30pm     American Creole by Glen Pitre and Michelle Benoit website
    10:30pm    Irish New Orleans by Terri Landry

Always for Pleasure24  My Louisiana Love
     by Monique Verdin and Sharon Linezo Hong

31  NOLAsynchroniCITY REWIND
    6:00pm     Island of Saints and Souls by Neil Alexander
    6:30pm     Flood Streets by Helen Krieger
    8:00pm     All On A Mardi Gras Day by Royce Osborn
    9:00pm     Tootie’s Last Suit by Lisa Katzman
    10:00pm    Island of Saints and Souls by Neil Alexander

April 2013

Louisiana BoysLouisiana Boys: Raised on Politics
     by Paul Stekler, Louis Alvarez, Andrew Kolker

Good for What Ails You14  Good for What Ails You:
     Healing Secrets of the Cajuns, Creoles, and Bayou Indians

     by Glen Pitre and Michelle Benoit

Streetcar Stories21  Streetcar Stories
     by Michael Mizell-Nelson and Matt Martinez

May 2013

Tchoupitoulas12  Tchoupitoulas
     by Bill Ross IV and Turner Ross

Cutting Loose19  Cutting Loose
     by Andrew Young and Susan Todd

26  NOLAsynchroniCITY SHORTS
    Yeah, You Rite! by Louis Alvarez and Andrew Kolker   website
    Least Favorite Love Songs by Helen Kreiger   website

Have fun ... the funtrepreneur

Buffa's Bar & Restaurant
1001 Esplanade Avenue
(corner of Burgundy Street)
New Orleans, LA 70116
(504) 949-0038

On the Border of the Quarter since 1939, Buffa's Bar & Restaurant is a true New Orleans style neighborhood bar. Food and libations.

You probably know about Buffa's because they have great musicians performing there. If not, please go sometime. They never have a cover charge which makes it easy to invite friends to come with. Buffa's is a relatively small and comfy longtime neighborhood bar with a back room that serves as an eating area/music room/film and entertainment area separate from the bar. I want to showcase the films in a less formal and more comfortable environment that is small and intimate and therefore offering more personal gatherings for locals. The family owning Buffa's is great and they have a brand new projector plus a huge screen in a non smoking environment serving food. Great combo!

NOLAsynchroniCITY is made possible with support from Buffa's Bar & Restaurant, The Charitable Film Network and Press Street

synchronicity - An apparently meaningful coincidence in time of two or more similar or identical events that are causally unrelated. (coined by Carl Jung)